Ozone Theme Meeting 2010
March 23-25, 2010
Geneva, Switzerland


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Staehelin Comparison Dobson and Brewer (total ozone): Effects of Bass and Paur (1995), Malicet et al. (1995) spectral data on seasonal variation
Evans Effect of a proposed change of ozone cross-sections on the historical record of stratospheric ozone at selected stations using Dobson ozone spectrophotometers in the US network
Petropavlovskikh Sensitivity of Dobson and Brewer Umkehr ozone profile retrievals to the choice of the ozone cross-section
Godin-Beekmann The effect of change of BP to DBM ozone absorption cross-sections on lidar measurements
Kiedron Ozone X-sections in ground based measurements: Brewer at Mauna Loa
Savastiouk B&P → DMB: implications for the Brewers

Satellite (Huggins band)
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Veefkind Effects of ozone cross sections on the OMI OMDOAO3 and OMO3PRO products
Lerot Impact of O3 cross-sections on satellite total O3 retrievals using GDOAS/GODFIT
Weber Impact of ozone cross-section choice on (WF)DOAS total ozone retrieval
McPeters The effect of new ozone cross sections on TOMS and SBUV processing

Presented by Title Download
Burkholder Quantitative laboratory measurements of ozone at NOAA: past and future (invited)
Serdyuchenko Progress of the HARMONICS project: Harmonization of GOME, SCIAMACHY and GOME-2 ozone cross-sections
Petersen Laboratory laser-based measurements of ozone concentration in the Hartley Band and corresponding absorption cross section
Barbe GSMA Reims: UV - IR spectroscopy of ozone

Other spectral regions
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Kyrölä Impact of the uncertainty of cross sections in GOMOS retrievals
Stiller MIPAS ozone retrieval
Degenstein OSIRIS on Odin: Evaluation of the ozone cross section
Pitts SAGE III and ozone cross sections
Pommereau Temperature dependence of total ozone difference between SAOZ, satellites and ground-based measurements
Savastiouk A database implementation of data analysis and quality control for the Brewer spectrophotometer