Summary Report

Summary Report of the ACSO and Ozone Theme Meeting 2009


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Staehelin Statement of SAG-Ozone
Tamminen IGACO-Ozone/UV
Labow Why do we want to consider abandoning Bass & Paur ozone cross sections??

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Viallon Requirements for new measurements of ozone absorption cross-sections for the accurate determination of ozone concentration
Janssen Ozone UV absorption cross section at 253.65 nm revisited and simultaneous UV-IR measurements
Orphal O3 UV-VIS absorption cross-sections

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Staehelin Effects of Bass and Paur (1995), Malicet et al. (1995) and Burrows et al (1999) absorption cross sections on Dobson and Brewer total ozone measurements
Redondas Brewer calibration: Ozone absorption issues
Godin-Beekmannn Ozone absorption cross-section in ozone lidar algorithm
Fioletov Brewer ozone spectrophotometer - Ozone cross-section issues
Petropavlovskikh Sensitivity of Dobson and Brewer Umkehr ozone profile retrievals to the choice of the ozone cross-section
Kiedron Experience with ozone X-sections and UV-RSS
Köhler 25 years of total ozone observations at Hohenpeissenberg with Dobson and Brewer spectrophotometer
Evans Effect of a proposed change of ozone cross-sections on the historical record of stratospheric ozone at selected stations using Dobson ozone spectrophotometers in the US network

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Kyrölä GOMOS measurements and cross sections
Labow Effect of Daumont cross sections on OMI & GOME 2 ozone retrievals
McPeters The effect of new ozone cross sections on TOMS total ozone and SBUV/2 ozone profile retrievals
Roozendael Satellite and ground-based total ozone retrievals in the Huggins and Chappuis bands
Serdyuchenko Harmonization of GOME, SCIAMACHY, GOME-2 ozone cross-sections
Veefkind OMI ozone DOAS and profile products - Impact of ozone cross sections
Weber Impact of ozone cross-section choice on DOAS total ozone retrieval