June 3-5, 2013
WMO, Geneva, Switzerland


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Redondas Effect of the ozone cross section in total ozone in Dobson and Brewer algorithms
Evans Effect of ozone cross sections on Umkehr ozone profile retrieval
Pastel Sensitivity of stratospheric lidar ozone measurements to a change in ozone cross sections
Bais Comparison of Brewer total ozone measurements using different ozone absorption cross sections with selected satellite measurements

Satellite (Huggins band)
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Lerot Comparison of the Serdyuchenko and BDM cross-sections in the Huggins bands. Impact on GODFIT total ozone retrievals
Bhartia Comparison of B&P, BDM and Bremen ozone absorption cross-sections at SBUV, TOMS and Dobson wavelengths
Veefkind The effect of Serdyuchenko or BDM cross sections on ozone retrievals with OMI
Liu The impact of using different ozone cross sections on ozone profile retrievals from OMI UV measurements
Serdyuchenko Impact of Serdyuchenko et al. cross-section on DOAS satellite retrievals (325-335 nm)

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Rotger Ozone spectroscopic studies in GSMA, Reims : Results and outlook
Serdyuchenko Measurements of high-resolution ozone absorption cross-sections in the 230-1050 nm spectral region
Janssen Updates on ozone absorption cross sections and intensities: From UV (253.65 nm) to IR (10 μm) spectral regions TBA
Viallon Ozone cross-sections (Hartley band): Progress towards new accurate values
Orphal Laboratory spectroscopy at DLR

Other spectral regions
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Pitts SAGE perspective on ozone cross sections
Tamminen GOMOS retrievals with Serdyuchenko et al. O3 cross sections
Degenstein Limb scatter ozone from Odin-OSIRIS
Lerot Comparison of Bogumil and Serdyuchenko cross-sections in the Chappuis bands. Application to DOAS ground-based instruments
Cuesta Lowermost tropospheric ozone observed from space by multispectral synergism of IASI (IR) and GOME-2 (UV)
Clarmann MIPAS retrievals and spectroscopy TBA
Kasai SMILES retrievals and spectroscopy
Froidevaux Uncertainties in O3 profiles from Aura MLS: Impact of spectroscopic data errors TBA

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Ground based measurements of total ozone, WG Report on cross sections
Discussion within satellite group, based on presentations on ACSO workshop
Thoughts on the laboratory measurements related to ACSO (2013)