Workshop on Past Changes in the Vertical Distribution of Ozone

January 25-27, 2011
WMO, Geneva, Switzerland


Agenda of the Workshop

Group photo

Group photo of the Workshop participants (4.0 MB)


Presented by Title Download
Harris SPARC/IOC/GAW Initiative
McLinden Issues from the WMO 2010 Assessment
Randel Ozone trends and variability in the tropical lower stratosphere from SAGE II satellite + SHADOZ ozonesonde data

Presented by Title Download
Froidevaux Progress in the NASA GOZCARDS project
Van Roozendael Plans for the Ozone-cci
Bhartia The SBUV ozone record: the good, the bad, and the ugly
Tamminen Envisat/GOMOS stellar occultation measurements
Coldewey-Egbers Merging total ozone data from different UV-VIS satellite sensors: GOME / SCIAMACHY / GOME-2
von Savigny SCIAMACHY limb ozone profiles
McLinden The Odin/OSIRIS time series from 2001 to now
Urban Combining height resolved ozone time-series from satellite measurements
McElroy Ozone profiles measured by the ACE satellite
von Clarmann The MIPAS ozone record since 2002

Presented by Title Download
Petropavlovskikh Umkehr data: comparisons with sondes, microwave and satellite
Parrish NDACC microwave O3 measurements at Mauna Loa since 1995
Barthlott Data & characterization using FTIR partial columns from NDACC
Godin-Beekmann What are ozone lidars telling us about satellite data?
McDermid Stratospheric ozone interannual variability measured by lidar at MLO
Smit Overview of the performance of ozone sondes and their uincertainties
Oltmans NOAA ozonesonde recoeds (South Pole, Hilo, Boulder and Samoa)
Kivi Ozonesonde data from high-latitude stations
Tarasick Canadian ozonesonde network
Maillard Barras Analysis of the long-term profile ozone measurements of MeteoSwiss
Delcloo Long term observations with sondes
Logan Comparison of MLS and sonde time series over Europe and the tropics
Thouret MOZAIC-IAGOS: Its role in the satellite validation and in assessing the ozone "trends"

Presented by Title Download
Tourpali Long term temperature and stratospheric ozone changes
Hassler Database to determine global changes in vertically resolved stratospheric O3
Dragani Retrospective analysis of ozone at ECMWF
van der A Assimilated total ozone record from 30 years of UV-VIS satellite observations
Wang Long term stratospheric ozone record obtained by merging O3 profiles from different satellites
Stolarski Lessons learned from constructing merged ozone data sets
Long A cohesive SBUV(/2) ozone profile dataset from 1978 to 2009